forced yoga break

For the past week, I have been experiencing some chest pain while doing my morning yoga classes. I was trying to do a “30-Day Yoga Challenge” and I was on day 15. On Tuesday night, the chest pain became pretty unbearable…I could hardly sleep. It felt like someone was punching me in the chest.

After going to the doctor on Wednesday, I learned I have Costochond​ritis. What the hell is that?? Basically it means the joint behind my breastbone is extremely inflamed. This condition is thought to be most commonly due to repetitive microtrauma, or overuse. This means that activities are causing repeated damage to the cartilage of the chest wall leading to inflammation.

MEANING…this injury was caused by too much yoga! I’m really bummed about this. I’m not supposed to do yoga for 2 weeks! Just goes to show you, be very careful about overdoing your exercise regime. A day off now and then is actually a good thing.


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