sesame-crusted salmon with a ginger lime vinaigrette


Ginger Lime Vinaigrette

  • Juice of 1 lime
  • 1 tsp. grated ginger
  • 3 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste

Sesame-Crusted Salmon

  • 3 tbsp. white sesame seeds
  • 3 tbsp. black sesame seeds
  • 4 small fillets of salmon, each 3.5 ounces
  • 1 tsp. wasabi paste
  • 2 tbsp. vegetable oil

Ginger Lime Vinaigrette
In a small bowl, mix together lime juice, ginger, 3 tbsp. olive oil, and salt and pepper. Taste and adjust for seasoning.

Sesame-Crusted Salmon
Combine white and black sesame seeds and spread evenly on a plate. Set aside.

Brush each piece of salmon with thin layer of wasabi paste and season with salt and pepper. Roll in the sesame seeds and coat evenly.

Heat a large non-stick skillet over medium-high heat. Add oil and when hot, gently place the pieces of salmon into the pan. Cook salmon for 1 minute. Turn and repeat cooking each of the 3 remaining sides for 1 minute. Lower the heat if the sesame seeds are browning too quickly.

Plate salmon and drizzle with Ginger Lime Vinaigrette. Serve immediately. Makes 4 Servings.

Source: In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita


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