recycle your old yoga mat

Here are a few ways to recycle or reuse your old yoga mat:

  • Donate: If you have a special place in your heart for four-legged friends, bring your used mat to the local Humane Society where they’ll use it to line crates for the animals. The Bolder Mat Company also accepts old mats for their renew and recycle program, and donates them to needy schools or community organizations.
  • Recycle: Mail your worn-out mat to Recycle Your Mat and they’ll recycle it for you. Bonus: you’ll receive a coupon for 20 percent off an eco-friendly Manduka mat.
  • Reuse: Wash your old mat thoroughly and place it under your treadmill to protect the floor from scratches, or fold it up and use it as a kneeling pad when gardening. Old mats can also be cut up and used under the litter box to prevent tracking kitty litter all over your house, cut into circles and used to open jars, or you can place a piece in your trunk to keep bags of groceries from sliding around.

Source: FitSugar via Twitter


One thought on “recycle your old yoga mat

  1. Thanks for the great mention about Recycle Your Mat! And yes, please, please, please be sure to wash your mat. You may just get a few more months out of it. 🙂

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