green tips for throwing a summer bbq

I moved about 2 months ago, and my new place has a great outdoor patio. This summer I plan on using this outdoor patio all the time, having frequent summer BBQ’s with friends.

I saw an article on Pinterest about “Green Tips” for throwing a summer BBQ. Here are some tips from BrightNest Blog on how to reduce waste at your summer get togethers:

Clean With Baking Soda. Before you turn on your grill, clean the grate with baking soda instead of store-bought chemicals. Use a wire brush and a paste of equal parts baking soda and water to scrape off any remnants of last year’s barbecues.

Purchase Fresh Products.  Instead of using tomatoes and onions sprayed with pesticides, shop at your local farmer’s market to pick up your produce. You’ll also find pesticide-free meat products.

Ditch the Disposables. When serving your guests, go with reusable cutlery, glasses and plates. Use cloth napkins instead of paper. 

Clean With Kitchen Products. After your cookout, take a halved onion and rub it over the grate to get rid of excess food. Brush olive oil over the grate afterwards so the food won’t stick the next time you grill.

Recycle & Compost. Make it easy for guests to recycle by placing recycling bins next to the trashcan. Make sure each can has a label clearly marked: paper, plastic and aluminum. If you have a lot of leftover food scraps, compost the proper foods. Remember to never compost dairy or meat products.

Prevent Pests. To keep pests from plaguing your cookout, throw sage and rosemary on the hot coals. Mosquitoes hate these plants and will stay away, and the herbs add a pleasant aroma to your get-together. Another mosquito prevention trick is to set out a cup of sugar water. The mosquitoes will flock to the sugar water and stay away from your guests.

Photos via West Elm


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