keep it skinny: holiday parties


Here’s what to eat and avoid at all of those upcoming holiday parties.



1. Olives and crudite. Just proceed sans dips or dressings. 

2. Tuna tartar. This frequently passed app is light, filling, and packed with protein. Ditto a grilled chicken skewer, without dipping sauce.

3. Asparagus wrapped with prosciutto. It feels decadent, but it’s perfectly healthy.


1. Sauteed or roasted Brussels sprouts. Remember to fill up half your plate with this holiday favorite. It will leave less room for those creamy mashed potatoes you’ve been eyeing.

2. Pick a protein without sauce. A piece of salmon or grass-fed beef is ideal; ham is okay.

3. Quinoa Salad. If that’s unlikely go for sweet potatoes or roasted yams the size of clenched fist.


1. Cheese plate and nuts. You can easily overdo your calorie count with these an hour before the meal even starts.

2. Sugary cocktails. No Cosmos, Mimosas, or spiked Eggnog here! Go for a clear liquor with soda water instead.

3. Pecan pie. One of the worst. But because desert is unavoidable for most people, try a smaller piece of apple pie instead.

Source: Well and Good NYC


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